The former British colony and protectorate of Aden is located in southwest Arabia. The colony was administered by India from 1839 to 1937. Aden became part of South Arabia in 1963 and then the People's Republic of Southern Yemen in 1967. Only one official seal type is recorded to date.

Catalog: Drummond OS1

Date issued: Unknown, EKU May 2, 1950

Printing: Black on brown 1" wide "kraft" tape

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: Bilingual English/French "G. (crown) R. / Found open or damaged / and officially secured"

Control Number: "P144B" at lower left & "51-79566" at lower right

Description: "FOUND OPEN AND RESEALED OFFICIALLY," this registered 1950 cover was repaired in Aden with British official seal tape (Drummond Great Britain OS9tb) before being sent on its way to Atlanta, Georgia. A manuscript marking on reverse further indicates "Envelope found torn." The letter cleared US Customs in transit through Baltimore, MD.

The first and thus far only reported officially sealed cover from Aden.

Courtesy of Jim Drummond by permission.

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