Twenty-two different official seals have been recorded from Argentina. They are typeset designs. Covers are relatively easy to locate.

Catalog: Drummond OS5

Date issued: Unknown, EKU February 7, 1919

Printing: Red on white paper

Perforation: rouletted 13 horizontally in color

Inscription: "Recibida en mal estado" ("Received in bad condition")

Control Number: "N.� 1" at top right inside frame lines

Description: Mangled 1920 cover from Uruguay to Mar del Plata, Argentina repaired in transit at Buenos Aires with 5 Argentinean seals.

Courtesy of Jim Kotanchik by permission.

Catalog: Drummond OS10

Date issued: 1932, EKU February 24, 1936

Printing: Black

Perforation: Rouletted 10 1/2 horizontally in color

Inscription: "RECIBIDO EN MAL ESTADO / Oficina / Firma empleado" ("RECEIVED IN BAD CONDITION / Office / Employee signature")

Control Number: none

Description: Damaged 1936 cover from Rosario, Argentina to New York, NY repaired on back with single Argentine post office seal.

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