Austria has issued approximately over three dozen official seals. Most are circular designs with coats of arms in the center. Some of these were also used for censorship purposes.

Catalog: Drummond OS14.1

Date issued: Unknown, EKU June 29, 1933

Printing: Black on thin cream paper

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: "POST U. TELEG(RAPHENAMT) / (coat of arms) / Wien 1(, Abt. 4)"

Control Number: none

Description: Registered 1936 from Apia, Western Samoa to Vienna, Austria repaired at upper right corner with left half of Austrian official seal. Label tied to to reverse by boxed violet 3-line "Besch�digt eingelangt / amtlich verwahrt ("Arrived damaged, officially saved") . Wien 1, Abt.4, Prot." auxiliary marking. Plymouth, England transit and Vienna receiving cancels on back.

Catalog: Drummond OS17.1

Date issued: Unknown, EKU August 7, 1951

Printing: Black on thin tan paper

Perforation: 9 horizontally

Inscription: "Wien 1 / (coat of arms)"

Control Number: None

Description: Damaged 1954 air mail cover from Alep, Syria to Vienna, Austria missent to Chicago, IL and repaired upon arrival in Vienna using four Austrian seals. Violet boxed "Besch�digt eingelangt" ("arrived damaged") struck on reverse.

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