Bangladesh, located in Southern Asia, shares borders with India and Burma. The Ganges and Jamuna Rivers flow through central Bangladesh and empty into the Bay of Bengal to the south. Formerly known as East Bengal and East Pakistan, the country was nenamed Bangladesh in December, 1971. Only one official seal design has been recorded to date. Seals from Bangladesh are seldomly seen in the philatelic marketplace.

Catalog: Drummond OS1

Date issued: Unknown, EKU October 22, 1980

Printing: Black on off-white

Perforation: Imperforate


Control Number: "Lab.-1." over "Lab.-39 (Old)." at upper left

Description: Repaired on each end with Bangladeshi official seals upon arrival, this postage due commercial cover was sent in 1981 from Shanghai, China to Dacca (now Dhaka), the capital city of Bangladesh.

The "(Old)" label number at the top left of each seal seems to indicate that at least one other design was made prior to the one shown on this cover.

Note the similarity in appearance of this seal to Drummond OS3 of India.

Courtesy of Jim Drummond by permission.

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