Twenty-one different official seals have been recorded from Brazil. The earliest known is from 1894.

Catalog: Drummond OS7

Date issued: Unknown, EKU May 29, 1924

Printing: Yellow orange on coarse blue green paper

Perforation: 11 1/2

Inscription: Crossed "Servico Postal / Correspondencia dilacerada"

Control Number: "MODELO N. 34" at top center

Description: Registered May 1936 from Pirna, Germany to Sao Paulo, Brazil with four Brazilian official seals, applied to left and bottom edges. Black boxed "POSTA RESTANTE" marking of Sao Paulo ties two of the seals on reverse. Manuscript (translation: "This letter arrived with delay, for this reason it was dated and officially sealed") on backflap.

Catalog: Drummond OS9, Nierinck #380522

Date issued: Unknown, EKU May 17, 1938

Printing: Bright yellow on coarse blue green with silk fibers paper

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: Crossed "Servico Postal / Correspondencia dilacerada"

Control Number: "Mon. 4 (ant. 34)" at top center

Description: Salvaged from seaplane "Guaracy" forced landing in bad weather at Santos, Brazil on May 22, 1938 with stamps washed off and Brazilian official seal, tied on reverse by violet "ACCIDENTE DE AVIAO" cachet. The plane left Rio de Janeiro and was bound for Europe when it lost an engine and sank in heavy seas with the loss of one passenger. The mails were recovered on June 5th.

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