Great Britain

Catalog: Drummond OS9ta

Date issued: Unknown, EKU April 17, 1947

Printing: Black on brown 1" wide "kraft" tape

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: Bilingual English/French "G. (crown) R. / Found open or damaged / and officially secured"

Control Number: "P144B" at lower left & "51-6506" at lower right

Description: Damaged 1947 Forces Mail cover from Field Post Office 843, India(?) to Agra, India undelivered and returned to sender. Numerous dead letter office backstamps including Lucknow and Bombay. There are many variations of these tapes, which appear to be the most commonly used type of official seal used today.

Courtesy of Jim Kotanchik by permission.

Catalog: Drummond OSE1

Date issued: Unknown, EKU June 18, 1918

Printing: Black

Perforation: 12 1/2

Inscription: "It is regretted that this packet has been / accidently damaged in the post."

Control Number: "Postmasters--No. 125." at lower right

Description: Large registered 1918 cover from Pretoria, South Africa to Sheffield, England with two British explanatory labels affixed over left edge. They are inscribed in blue pencil "This packet has been salved from Kenilworth Castle The Cape Mail". The R.M.S. "Kenilworth Castle" collided with an escorting destroyer in the English Channel on June 4th and all the mails were badly water damaged. Fourteen people were killed in the incident.

Courtesy of Jim Kotanchik by permission.

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