Catalog: Drummond OS2

Date issued: Unknown, EKU April 18, 1910

Printing: Black

Perforation: Hyphen hole perf. 7 horizontally in color, vertically without color

Inscription: "Received in / damaged con- / dition and re- / sealed by"

Control Number: none

Description: Multiforwarded unclaimed and returned to sender 1912 cover from Regina, Saskatchewan to Rosthern, Saskatchewan closed at top with official seal. Label tied front and back by November 4th Saskatoon datestamps.

Catalog: Drummond OS4

Date issued: Unknown, EKU January 5, 1928

Printing: Black

Perforation: 12 1/2

Inscription: "Found damaged, / torn or open and / officially repaired."

Control Number: none

Description: Registered 1932 cover from Kindersley, Saskatchewan to Hot Springs, AR "Damaged by canceller" and repaired on reverse with horizontal pair of Canadian officially sealed labels. "Date Stamp" inscription on seal is in two text lines.

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