People's Republic of China


Date issued: Unknown, EKU July 20, 1982

Printing: Dull gray green on white paper

Perforation: imperf

Inscription: Chinese "People's Republic of China Postal Service / Damaged when received, resealed by post office / Signature of the Clerk (lower left) / Signature of the Supervisor (lower right)"

Control Number: none

Description: Stampless 1986 official post office cover from Shensi to Inner Mongolia with horizontal pair of unlisted type of Group 1C seals applied at upper right.

Similar to the Group 1A seals, except all have unshaded backgrounds with 7 small circles in top and bottom frame lines. Six types are recorded to date.


Date issued: Unknown, EKU March 9, 1960

Printing: Dull yellow green on white paper

Perforation: 10 1/2

Inscription: Unknown, needs to be translated

Control Number: none

Description: Damaged 1960 postage due cover from Beijing to Tientsin with vertical pair of officially sealed labels, Group 1D unlisted varety, affixed over top right corner. Image oriented to show seal right side up.

Similar frame as above, without central rice ear design. Five known designs.

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