Chinese Republic

Following the 1911 revolution which ended the Ch'ing (or Manchu) dynasty (1644-1912), some existing Imperial seals were overprinted in Chinese characters reading "Chinese Republic--Postal Administration". These are very scarce, on or off cover. The first Republic period (1911-1949) seals were issued in 1916. Seven distinct designs are recorded for Republic era seals.

Catalog: Chang type 3

Date issued: 1916, EKU February 7, 1921

Printing: Green on white paper

Perforation: 11-1/2

Inscription: "OFFICIALLY SEALED / CHINESE POST OFFICE" with heavy letter shading

Control Number: none

Description: 1921 cover from Springfield, MA to Canton, China repaired on three sides with seven Chinese Republic official seals. All seals tied by Canton datestamps.

Catalog: Chang type 4

Date issued: Unknown, EKU February 7, 1921

Printing: Green on thick white paper

Perforation: 14 x 11-3/4

Inscription: "OFFICIALLY SEALED / CHINESE POST OFFICE" with lighter letter shading and heavy background dots

Control Number: none

Description: May 1924 cover from Taming, China "RETURNED TO WRITER / UNCLAIMED FROM / LONG BEACH, CALIF." with seven Chinese Republic seals affixed around all edges and tied by Taming August 8 datestamps.

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