Around a dozen different official seals are recorded from Denmark, not including the local issues. The first seal and others released up to the 1930's are very similar in appearance to the 19th century United States issues, having a nearly identical outer frame design. Early ones are scarce on cover.

Catalog: Facit #Rm. 2, Yvert & Tellier #2

Date issued: 1890

Printing: Brown on white paper

Perforation: 12

Inscription: "GENERALDIREKTORATET / Kontoret for Behandling af / ubesørgede Postsager. / FOR POSTVÆSENET" ("Office for handling undeliverable post articles")

Control Number: none

Description: 1906 letter card from Gillelej, Denmark to Berlin, Germany reclosed on the perforated sides using three 2nd design Danish official seals. Forwarded to Stockholm, Sweden where an "Inconnu / Okänd" ("Unknown") label was applied. Addressee was again not found, and the item was returned to Denmark where it ended up at the Copenhagen dead letter office and a blue DLO request label was added recommending that the sender write their return address on the letter.


Date issued: July, 1988, EKU April 2, 1989

Printing: Red on glossy white self-adhesive

Perforation: die-cut


Control Number: "J 64 (7-88 A-10)"

Description: Undelivered, returned to sender 1989 cover from Herning, Denmark to Risskov, Denmark reclosed at top with red die cut Danish post office seal.

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