Egypt - Interpostal Seals

Interpostal seals were primarily used to seal packets of letters sent within the Egyptian postal system. Sometimes multiple packets were tied together into bundles with string, the interpostal being placed over the knot. Use this way indicated the office of origin. In some cases the seals were used for repair purposes. Shown below are two scarce examples of this type of usage.

Ernest A.Kehr numbered and valued over 800 different seals in his 1962 booklet "The Interpostals of Egypt, 1864-1892." Many are relatively common unused but much less frequently found used. Collectors should be aware that Kehr Type VIII seals have been extensively faked.

Catalog: Kehr Type VIb, #379

Date issued: 1878

Printing: Dark red on white

Perforation: Die cut

Inscription: Bilingual Italian/Arabic "POSTE KHEDEUIE EGIZIANE / GABINETTO DEL VICE DIRETTORE" ("Egyptian Khedival Post / Cabinet of the Vice Director")

Control Number: None

Description: Entire from Mexico City, Mexico City to Cairo, Egypt salvaged from the 1905 wreck of the S.S. Cairo. Bilingual French/English "SAUVÉ DU NAUFRAGE DU 'CAIRO' / SAVED FROM THE WRECK OF S.S CAIRO" handstamp was struck on face and a red Kehr Type VIb interpostal seal was used to secure backflap.

Catalog: Kehr Type IX, #731

Date issued: 1884

Printing: Blue on white

Perforation: Die cut

Inscription: Bilingual French/Arabic "POSTES EGYPTIENNES / ALEXANDRIE" ("Egyptian Post / Alexandria")

Control Number: None

Description: Registered 1890 cover from Genoa, Italy received damaged in Alexandria, Egypt and repaired with two interpostal seals plus officially impressed red wax. The letter was then forwarded to Cairo.

Courtesy of Jim Kotanchik by permission.

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