Catalog: Drummond OS7, Feltus 5

Date issued: 1924, EKU May 4, 1928

Printing: Black on cream

Perforation: 10

Inscription: Bilingual English/Arabic "EGYPT./ FOUND / OPEN / OR TORN / AND / OFFICIALLY / SEALED."

Control Number: None

Description: Two type five seals, from the 2nd printing in 1925 of 200 booklets, reclose backflap of 1928 cover from Bulgaria (town not readable) to Cairo that was "opened by mistake" & "found in this condition."

Lone reported use of this seal on cover.

Courtesy of Jim Kotanchik by permission.

Catalog: Drummond OS9, Feltus 7

Date issued: 1927, EKU May 9, 1928

Printing: Black on off-white

Perforation: 10

Inscription: Bilingual French/Arabic "EGYPTE. / TROUVÉE / OUVERTE / OU / DÉCHIRÉE / ET / RÉPARÉE / D'OFFICE."

Control Number: None

Description: Registered 1930 locally sent cover from Cairo, Egypt returned to sender and reclosed along top edge with three 7th design Egyptian official seals, all tied by "POSTMEN CAIRO 17.SE.30" datestamps. Long reason for refusal to accept letter written in Arabic on reverse.

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