Eight post office seals plus four customs seals are presently recorded from Finland.

Catalog: Drummond OS6

Date issued: Unknown, EKU February 24, 1941

Printing: Black on blue green

Perforation: Rouletted 6 horizontally

Inscription: Trilingual Finnish/Swedish/French "Päällys korjattu -- Omslaget reparerat / L'emballage réparé (envelope repaired) / Paino ennen korjausta / Vikten före repareringen / Poids avant la réparation (Weight before repair) / korjauksen jälkeen / efter repareringen / aprés la réparation (after repair) / Allekirjoitukset -- Underskrifter -- Les Signatures (Signature)"

Control Number: "Lomake / Blankett } N:o 116" at lower left

Description: 1941 business envelope from Helsinki, Finland to Akron, OH reclosed at top with large Finnish official seal. Label is tied front and back by violet "Recue en condition avarie an / bureau de poste a Helsinki Finlande" (translation: Received in damaged condition at the post office at Helsinki Finland).

Catalog: Drummond OSR1a

Date issued: Unknown, EKU January 13, 1949

Printing: Black

Perforation: Rouletted 5 1/2 in color

Inscription: Bilingual Finnish/Swedish "Posti- ja lennätinlaitos / Post- och telegrafverket" ("Postal and Telegraphic Administration")

Control Number: "No 129.a" at lower left

Description: Finnish post and telegraph seal affixed to backflap of 1949 cover from the small village of Pyynikki, Finland to Camden, NJ. The letter may have been received unsealed at the post office of origin or this may have been a customs or currency control usage.

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