Catalog: Drummond Local OS44.166, Drummond OS35b

Date issued: Unknown, EKU December 7, 1960

Printing: Black on thin white

Perforation: 11 vertically

Inscription: "Postamt" in double circular frame with "Braunschweig" in center

Control Number: none

Description: 1960 airmail cover from Chicago, IL to Braunschweig, Germany repaired at top left with horizontal pair of Braunschweig seals. Black on gray "Beschädigt" ("Damaged") explanatory label (Drummond OS35b) affixed on reverse, tied by December 7, 1960 Braunschweig datestamp.

Catalog: Drummond OS48t

Date issued: Unknown, EKU circa 1982

Printing: Black on transparent 2" wide tape embossed with diamond pattern

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: Bilingual German/French "Die Sendung wurde leider beschädigt / und deshalb von der Deutschen Bundes- / post amtlich verschlossen." ("The transmission was unfortunately damaged and therefore closed by the Federal Post Office officially") with posthorn in middle.

Control Number: none

Description: German mail pouch with damage explanation tape applied.

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