Only two official seals have been recorded thus far from Hungary, both from the 19th century. The 2nd type is shown below.

Catalog: Drummond OS2

Date issued: Unknown, EKU October 2, 1898

Printing: Black

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: "E levelén feladó neve s lákasa nem lévén je- / lezve, az bizottságilag felbontatott s lezáratott / Budapesti m. kir. posta- és távirada / igazgatóság."

Control Number: None

Description: 1898 cover from Fiume, Hungary to Brünn (Brno), Austria/Bohemia with Hungarian postal seal affixed over right edge. Post office was unable to locate addressee and letter was returned and opened by the Budapest post offices' Dead Letter Office to search for sender's address.

This may also be a censor seal.

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