Five different official seals have been recorded to date from Israel.

Catalog: Drummond OS1

Date issued: Unknown, EKU June 11, 1950

Printing: Black

Perforation: Rouletted 12 in color


Control Number: None

Description: Badly mangled 1950 cover from Cape Town, South Africa to Tel Aviv, Israel repaired front and back with two Israeli official seals. Both seals tied by June 11th Tel Aviv datestamps.

First Israeli seal. Nearly identical in design to the British Mandate era seals except that the "G. (crown) R." imprint is absent.

For earlier seals from this area, see also "Palestine."

Catalog: Drummond OS4

Date issued: Unknown, EKU February 16, 1986

Printing: Black on course brown

Perforation: Rouletted 8 vertically in color

Inscription: Bilingual Hebrew/French (translation "The Office of Communication / This postal matter was found open/damaged and was resealed again") with running stag logo at left, and rectangle with "Postal signature" (translation) underneath at right

Control Number: "D.T. 248 / 3-4248/4" above rectangle at right

Description: Mauled circa 1985 (no postmark) locally sent cover from Tel Aviv with single brown Israeli tape seal. Boxed 3-line auxiliary marking indicates that the item was "Damaged while in the care of the Post Office."

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