Catalog: Drummond OSC2

Date issued: Unknown, EKU August, 1952

Printing: Black

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: Translation: "Opened for customs check and resealed at the post office"

Control Number: "231" at top left corner

Description: Refused, redirected, and returned August 1952 registered air mail cover from Paris to Haifa, Israel with left edge reclosed by six Israeli customs / currency control seals, applied in three overlapping layers of two each. Numerous auxiliary markings front and back including violet boxed "RETOUR" ("Returned") on front and boxed informational handstamp with "REFUSE" ("Refused") box checked by red crayon on reverse. The "running stag" illustration on the label is the old version of the Israeli Post Office symbol.

This is the 2nd of four known types of Israeli customs seals.

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