Catalog: Drummond OS5

Date issued: Unknown, EKU 1886

Printing: Black

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: "AMMINISTRAZIONE DELLE REGIE POSTE" within circular frame

Control Number: None

Description: Double registered 1886 cover from Tuxpan, Mexico to Modena, Italy damaged in transit and repaired with three imperforate black on white Italian official seals. Forwarded to Nice, France. Labels tied both sides by red wax Modena Province postal seals. Brooklyn, NY transit marking on reverse and New York City registry "Exchange" label on front.

Catalog: Drummond OS8

Date issued: Unknown, EKU June 1, 1918

Printing: Black on cream

Perforation: 11 1/2

Inscription: "AMMINISTRAZIONE / DELLE REGIE POSTE" within fancy circular frame

Control Number: None

Description: Three Italian seals reclose backflap of 1918 cover from Alexandria, Egypt to Palermo, Italy (northern Sicily) that was salvaged from the "Kingstonian," which was attacked by German U-boat U68 in the Mediterranean. Postage stamp floated off due to immersion in sea water. The badly damaged "Kingstonian" was towed to the town of Carloforte, on the Island of San Pietro (off the southwest coast of Sardinia) where the mail was off-loaded. Italian bound mails were struck with black "NAUFRAGIO" ("SHIPWRECK") handstamps. A somewhat overzealous postal clerk applied eleven Palermo receiving cancels, dated June 1st, on back.

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