Catalog: Drummond OS7

Date issued: Unknown, EKU December 16, 1903

Printing: Black on cream

Perforation: 9

Inscription: "AMMINISTRAZIONE / DELLE REGIE POSTE" within fancy circular frame

Control Number: None

Description: 1937 "adversity" envelope privately made from mimeographed page, with Jan 13 "Posta Militare N. 84" postmark from Eritrea to Rome, Italy, repaired along right edge with three Italian seals. Circular violet Italian military handstamp on backflap.

Eritrea, north of Ethiopia, was invaded by Italy on October 3, 1935 and annexed on May 9, 1936. It became part of Italian East Africa until Allied forces liberated it in 1941.

Catalog: Drummond OS10

Date issued: Unknown, EKU May 24, 1926

Printing: Black

Perforation: 10

Inscription: "AMMINISTRAZIONE / DELLE REGIE POSTE" within circular frame with two stars

Control Number: None

Description: Overweight 1926 cover from St. Petersburg, FL to Venice, Italy, forwarded to Firenza, Genoa, and finally to Milan. Vertical pair of Italian official seals applied over right edge. Three 50c Italian postage dues affixed at right.

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