Libya is located on the northern coast of Africa. Formerly a part of the Ottoman Empire, the country was ceded to Italy in October 1912, invaded by British forces during World War II, and held until independence on December 24th, 1951. Official seals from Libya are scarce, and no modern uses have yet been seen.


Date issued: Unknown, EKU May 13, 1910

Printing: Black on white paper

Perforation: 10

Inscription: "AMMINISTRAZIONE / DELLE REGIE POSTE" within fancy circular frame

Control Number: none

Description: An Italian official seal, postmarked 13 May 1910 at Benghazi, secures the backflap of a cover carried between two Italian post offices (by an Italian ship) in Libya to Tripoli.

This item demonstrates the handling of mail by a foreign postal authority within the Ottoman Empire and is the only recorded use of this seal in Libya to date.

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