Mongolia is located in East Central Asia and is bordered by China to the north and Russia on the east, south, and west. The Mongolian People's Republic was declared on November 26, 1924. An example of the only known seal design is shown here.

Catalog: Drummond OS1

Date issued: Unknown, EKU April 24, 2000

Printing: Dark blue embossed

Perforation: 14 Horizontally

Inscription: English "MONGOL POST / UlanBaatar-1 / Received in such / condition"

Control Number: None

Description: April 2000 cover sent from Bacoli, Italy to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia repaired with blue embossed Mongolian official seal at upper right. The bold black two-line auxiliary marking on the back translates as "WAS DAMAGED AT DELIVERY." Double circle "MONGOL POST 03.06.20" receiving cancel on reverse.

Courtesy of Jim Kotanchik by permission.

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