Catalog: Drummond OS3d, Snowden & Hepworth Type 1E

Date issued: 1899, EKU November 23, 1899

Printing: Black

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: "V. (crown) R. / OFFICIALLY SEALED IN THE / POST OFFICE at ....Natal"

Control Number: "G.P.O. - No. 110. - 50,000 - 99." at upper left

Description: Registered 1903 cover from Colombo, Ceylon to Natal, South Africa with part of a Natal officially sealed label affixed over upper left corner. Rather late usage of a Queen Victoria "V.R." seal, as she had died a year earlier. Perhaps this was from leftover stock. A post Anglo-Boer War usage, so the seal was apparently used for its originally intended purpose, the repair of damaged mails.

50,000 printed.

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