Three official seals from Portugal have been recorded to date. All are tapes.

Catalog: Drummond OS1t

Date issued: Unknown, EKU May 30, 1961

Printing: Lilac on white 2" wide tape

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: "Postes - Portugal" repeated in an alternating "CORREIO / DE / PORTUGAL" in horse and rider design logo and blank ellipse

Control Number: "508" inside small box above and to the right of "l" of "Portugal" over horse and rider logo

Description: Damaged and burned 1970 cover from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Lisbon, Portugal repaired on reverse with two strips of Portuguese official seal tape. Label tied by six strikes of December 22 Lisbon datestamps. Manuscript endorsement on tape states that the letter was received in damaged condition.

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