Ryukyu Islands

The Ryukyu Islands are located at the extreme southern end of Japan, about 900 miles southwest of Tokyo. They were administered by the United States at the end of World War II in August, 1945 until May 15, 1972, when they were restored back to Japan. Okinawa is the largest island in the group. Twelve different repair seal designs are recorded, four for use on foreign mail and eight for domestic mail. 15 Official Business Cash Registration Seal types are known. They are infrequently seen on cover.

Catalog: Askins SRE2, Drummond OS14

Date issued: Circa 1954, EKU July 18, 1957

Printing: Red on thin off-white tissue paper

Perforation: Perf 10 3/4

Inscription: "OFFICIALLY SEALED / DEPARTMENT OF / COMMUNICATIONS / RYUKYU" within double rectanglular frame

Control Number: None

Description: Two horizontal strips of 3 Ryukyu Islands international mail repair seals close top and bottom edges of incoming circa 1957 "V...-Mail" cover from Cranford, NJ to Miyako that was apparently returned to sender. Note that the top strip of seals was affixed face down.

Issued by the Komu Kotsu Kyoku ungummed in panes of 30 (6x5) with imperf margins.

One of three recorded covers bearing this design type. All known examples used from 1957 to 1961.

Catalog: Askins SOF7, Drummond OSR3

Date issued: Circa 1954

Printing: Black on thin wove yellow-green paper

Perforation: Rouletted 10 3/4 in color horizontally, perf 11 1/2 vertically

Inscription: Japanese (translation) "Postal Matter / Seal Paper / Ryukyu Government" within fancy frame with circles in corners

Control Number: None

Description: Two official business cash registration seals secure reverse of cover from Tomigusuku, Ryukyu Islands. On front is a Tomigusuku registry label, with a violet "Official Business" handstamp at upper left, and a red boxed "Cash Registry" marking at left center. No postmarks, but probably dates from about 1955.

Issued in panes of 8 (2x4) with imperforate margins and tab at the top.

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