Somalia sits east of Ethiopia on the Horn of Africa and borders the Indian Ocean. It was an Italian Trust Territory under the United Nations from November 21, 1949 until it became an independent republic on July 1, 1960. The country has been previously called Italian Somaliland, Italian East Africa (which also included Eritrea and Ethiopia), as well as Somali Democratic Republic. An example of the only recorded official seal usage in Somalia known to date is shown here.

Catalog: Drummond OS1

Date issued: Unknown, EKU February 10, 1953

Printing: Black

Perforation: 14

Inscription: "AMMINISTRAZIONE / DELLE POSTE ITALIANE" within fancy circular frame

Control Number: None

Description: Commercial cover sent in 1953 from Mogadiscio, Somalia to New Orleans, LA that was damaged at lower left corner and repaired with two Italian official seals. The reverse seal is tied by a February 10 Mogadiscio datestamp.

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