Catalog: Drummond OS3

Date issued: 1930, EKU March 26, 1933

Printing: Black

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: Bilingual Arabic/English "SUDAN / FOUND / OPEN / OFFICIALLY / SECURED" with circle in center for postmark and thick outer frame line

Control Number: "Pmr. No. 29 / 1930." at upper right inside frame line

Description: Five scarce 1930 issue Sudanese officially sealed labels were used to reinforce edges of a registered 1933 cover sent from Khartoum to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Only reported use to date of this seal.

Catalog: Drummond OS5, Nierinck #390315a

Date issued: 1934, EKU March 20, 1939

Printing: Black

Perforation: Die cut

Inscription: "SUDAN / FOUND / OPEN / OFFICIALLY / SEALED" with thick outer border and rectangle at center

Control Number: "Pmr. No. 29 / 1934." inside upper right frame line

Description: Large 1939 OHMS cover from Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia to Khartoum reclosed on sideflap with single Sudanese official seal. The black 3-line handstamp on the front reads "Damaged by Water when the / Imperial Airways Aircraft forced / landed near Juba, Sudan."

The seaplane, bound for Great Britain, was forced down on the Dangu River near Faradje, Belgian Congo on March 15th enroute to Juba, Sudan. Stamp floated off due to immersion in the river. Mail aboard was recovered, but apparently only a few covers have survived.

Ten months later the aircraft was salvaged and flown to England by Captain J.C. Kelly Rogers.

A scarce crash cover with the only recorded use of this seal.

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