Sudan - Security Seals

Security seals were most commonly used by various government departments to secure the edges of folded documents mailed to other official branches. In a few cases, these seals have also been seen used for repair purposes.

Catalog: Drummond (Egypt) OSO1

Date issued: Unknown, EKU May 1, 1917

Printing: Black on white paper (negative image)

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: Bilingual English/Arabic "EGYPTIAN / GOVERNMENT."

Control Number: "( 132 D.) at upper left

Description: Folded copy of satisfactory work certificate for a man employed by the Nile Reservoir Works at Aswan, Egypt until 1902, that was closed with three Egyptian Government security seals and mailed from Atbara, Sudan to Khartoum in November 1917.

First reported use of this Egyptian seal in Sudan.

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