13 different official seals have been recorded from Thailand, the later six being tapes.

Catalog: Drummond OS3

Date issued: 1920

Printing: Red

Perforation: Imperforate

Inscription: Bilingual Thai/English "Department of Post and Telegraph / OFFICIALLY / SEALED / R.S. (Royal Siamese) POST & TELEGRAPH DPT. (Department)"

Control Number: None

Description: 1928 cover from Lampang, Thailand to Los Angeles, CA reclosed at right with a single third design Thai post office seal. Advertised and returned to sender four months later. Green boxed "RETURN / TO WRITER / UNCLAIMED" pointing hand and violet Bangkok Dead Letter Office handstamps on reverse. 11 markings in all.

Catalog: Drummond OS4

Date issued: Circa 1932

Printing: Red

Perforation: Rough perf 11

Inscription: Bilingual Thai/English "Department of Post and Telegraph / OFFICIALLY / SEALED / POST & TELEGRAPH DEPARTMENT"

Control Number: None

Description: 1983 cover from Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand to Bangkok reclosed at left with 4th design officially sealed label, which is tied by black "Bangkok 22" Dead Letter Office datestamp. Envelope was apparently opened in an effort to determine the sender's address. Red arrow "Return to Sender" also applied.

Boxed handstamp on front translates as:

"Reason for Inability to Deliver to Addresse
1. the addressing is not clear (this is checked)
2. no such house number exists
3. refused to accept
4. no such recipient according to the address
5. did not come to collect within the scheduled time period
6. out of business
7. moved, left no forwarding address
8. other _________"

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