Catalog: Drummond OS3

Date issued: Unknown. EKU August 8, 1921

Printing: Black

Perforation: 11

Inscription: "Transvaal Post Office. / Found open and officially closed at"

Control Number: "P. 10." at upper right corner

Description: Fragile, reused, and registered cover mailed July 18, 1921 from Yeoville, Johannesburg, to Southend of the Sea, United Kingdom. The printed envelope flap was refolded and reattached with postage stamp selvage, prior to the stamps themselves being applied. The bottom edge was found by the post office to be broken open, and two scarce official seals were applied in a cross pattern to repair it. It was then struck with a "Found open and resealed in RLD, JS" marking (Return Letter Department, Johannesburg). An initialed manuscript notation further explains "Rec'd in RLD, JS with cover torn". August 8, 1921 London arrival cancel on one of the seals.

Courtesy of Jim Drummond by permission.

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