United States - Postage Stamp Agency Seals

Catalog: Scott #OXF16

Date issued: Circa 1912

Printing: Black & rose

Perforation: Die cut

Inscription: "OPEN AT END / THE POSTMASTER TO WHOM THIS PACKAGE IS SENT MUST NOTE ITS CONDITION / AND IMMEDIATELY UPON ITS RECEIPT CAREFULLY COUNT ITS CONTENTS. / If it shows signs of having been tampered with, the / fact should be reported to the Third Assistant Postmaster / General, Division of Stamps. / INVOICE FOR THIS PACKAGE OF STAMPS WILL BE FOUND WITHIN. Count the / stamps carefully, IN THE PRESENCE OF A DISINTERESTED WITNESS, as indi- / cated on invoice, and if an excess or shortage is found, treat the case as directed / in Section 159, P.L.&R., notifying the Third Assistant Postmaster General, Division / of Stamps. See Section 970, P.L.&R., as to misdirected packages." on fancy 120 1/2 x 67mm background scrollwork design

Control Number: None

Description: U.S. Postage Stamp Agency Seal on reverse of large (12 1/2" long x 10 1/4" high) brown Division of Stamps registered package envelope mailed from Washington, DC to postmaster at Watertown, CT on August 11, 1934. Two imperf black on bluish Treasury Department package seals, both tied by boxed magenta Bureau of Engraving and Printing handstamps, also dated August 11th, are affixed on upper left and right corners of backflap. Four magenta August 13th Watertown receiving cancels are struck on the back.

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