Catalog: Drummond OS2A

Date issued: Unknown, EKU November 30, 1985

Printing: Black on brown on light green paper

Perforation: Rouletted 7 horizontally

Inscription: Bilingual English/French "POST AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION / Found open or damaged / and officially secured" centered below small circular logo

Control Number: "PS 144B" above "Date Stamp" box at right

Description: Cover from Unley, South Australia to Ndola, Zambia in 1985 repaired at bottom with vertical strip of three Zambian official seals. Seals tied front and reverse with boxed purple "REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA / POST AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS / CORPORATION / 30 NOV 1985 / ASSISTANT SUPT. MAILS / P.O. BOX 71000, NDOLA" handstamp.

Courtesy of Jim Drummond by permission.

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